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New Liskeard Golf Club Champions
1968 Denny Gabriel      
1969 Denny Gabriel      
1970 Norm Stewart Ev Sargent    
1971 Tom Binkley Ev Sargent    
1972 George Kemp Mary Boyd    
1973 D'Arcy Ryan Pat Ryan    
1974 Gord McKnight Pat Ryan    
1975 Gord McKnight Pat Ryan    
1976   Pat Ryan    
1977 Gord McKnight Pat Ryan    
1978 Gord McKnight Pat Ryan    
1979   Madge Hogerland    
1980   Pat Ryan    
1981 Steve Shepherdson Pat Ryan    
1982 Denis Christo Sue Shepherdson    
1983 Jeff McKnight Sue Shepherdson    
1984 Steve Shepherdson Betty Hawkins    
1985 Steve Shepherdson Sue Shepherdson    
1986 Steve Shepherdson Sue Shepherdson    
1987 Joel Sharp Carm Hoyle    
1988 Gus Tanguay Jeanne Boucher    
1989 Gus Tanguay Sue Shepherdson    
1990 Darrell Christo Dianne Farquhar    
1991 Darrell Christo Dianne Farquhar    
1992 Denis Christo Deb Marshall    
1993 Gus Tanguay Joan Hooper    
1994 Darrell Christo Sue Shepherdson    
1995 Dan Pettigrew Linda Walsh Luc Miron  
1996 Ray Grolway Linda Walsh Drew Denomme Josee Paradis
1997 Ray Paradis Linda Walsh Jay Denomme Josee Paradis
1998 Brent Shulz Linda Walsh Jason Forget Josee Paradis
1999 Darrell Christo Jeanne Boucher Ryan Chatwin Ashley Tourigny
2000 Steve Rodgers Tracey Grant Ryan Bastien Renee Paradis
2001 Darrell Christo Jeanne Boucher Kyle Overton Ashley Tourigny
2002 Darrell Christo Tracey Grant Ryan Sayer Vanessa Jacques
2003 Stuart Pollock Sue MacKinnon Brandon Christo Lindsay Merkley
2004 Darrell Christo Sue MacKinnon Brandon Christo  
2005 Yvon Rivard Sue MacKinnon Kevin Elliott Siobhan Christo
2006 Steve Polyblank     Sue Shepherdson Vince Scanlan  
2007 Steve Polyblank      Sue Shepherdson Vince Scanlan  
2008 Kevin Elliott            Sue Shepherdson Taylor Dupuis  
2009 Steve Polyblank      Sue Shepherdson Taylor Dupuis  
2010 Darrell Christo      
2011 Steve Polyblank      Ghislain Labonte Spencer Dupuis