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Jim Sargent  Civic Past Champions


Year Champion From
1969 Dr. M. Lococo Niagara Falls
1970 Paul St. Pierre Val d'Or
1971 Dave Morland North Bay
1972 Tom Binkley New Liskeard
1973 John Wellard North Bay
1974 Dave Morland North Bay
1975 Gord McKnight New Liskeard
1976 Bill Morland North Bay
1977 Rick Cybulsky Timmins
1978 Bill Morland North Bay
1979 Bill Morland North Bay
1980 Paul Soni North Bay
1981 Jaquelin Bergeron Ville Marie
1982 Steve Shepherdson New Liskeard
1983 Jim Lamontagne Kapuskasing
1984 Jim Lamontagne Kapuskasing
1985 Paul St. Pierre Val d'Or
1986 Tom St. James Iroquois Falls
1987 Tom St. James Iroquois Falls
1988 Bruce Helbig Haileybury
1989 Don Miller North Bay
1990 Lou Latour North Bay
1991 Bruce Helbig Haileybury
1992 Rick Fauteaux Timmins
1993 Lou Latour North Bay
1994 Lou Latour North Bay
1995 Dan Pettigrew New Liskeard
1996 Bruce Helbig Haileybury
1997 Roger Ling Coburg
1998 Bruce Helbig Haileybury
1999 Jason Aucoin Sturgeon Falls
2000 Dan Forget New Liskeard
2001 Dan Renault Sturgeon Falls
2002 Bruce Helbig Haileybury
2003 Dan Renault Sturgeon Falls
2004 Bruce Helbig Haileybury
2005 Bruce Helbig Haileybury
2006 Bruce Helbig Haileybury
2007 Steve Polyblank New Liskeard
2008 Brandon Christo New Liskeard
2009 David Lang The Briars Club
2010 Christian McCullough Toronto
2011 David Lang The Briars Club
2012 Christian McCullough Toronto