Monday May 09, 2011





Chuck Needham, Joe Marsh, Brian Flaxey, Mike Bonnah, Ivan Dewar, Pat Elliott, Jeff Stanley, Ross Latter, Darrell Christo, Diane Aquino






Bruce Helbig, Corey Phillips


4)      CALL TO ORDER:

The meeting was called to order at 6:35pm by president Chuck Needham.



Corey Phillips reported that most of course was in good shape but a couple of greens had some damage.  There was some snow mold and snow kill despite using fungicide.  Ivan will be starting to fertilize as well as seeding next week.  Number 13 green is still a problem.  It gets damaged from water and silt.  Corey proposed that the old #14 men’s tee box be removed and used to build up some burns along the hills to direct any run-off away from #13 green. 

 He felt this should be done now.  The board concurred that Ivan should begin as soon as possible. 



Motion to accept by April 04, 2011 minutes as presented.

Moved by Joe Marsh, seconded by Jeff Stanley           CARRIED



There was some discussion whether practice rounds should not be included in the registration cost for tournaments.  Bruce also added that he has had a number of entries to the Kal Tire 2-man scramble paid.  These were made on the assumption that a practice round was included.  It was generally felt that NLGC would not be the club to set this precedent and that it was too late this year to make any changes.  The tournament committee should have a further look at it.



a)      Greens:               Brian Flaxey reported that Philip is has written his exams and will go for the IPM exam.  Matthew and Lindsey have been rehired.  Both will be here for the summer.  They have also hired some students.


b)      Pro Shop:            Joe Marsh reported that Bruce has hired most of his staff.  Dave Lang has been hired as his assistant.  A number of students have been hired in either a full time or part time capaciaty.  These will qualify for student subsidies.  Memberships are starting to come in.  Requests for members to pay early has little effect.  No one was charged the late fee.  Reciprocal memberships have been arranged with Kirkland Lake, Haileybury and Ville Marie. 


c)       Club House:        Ross Latter reported that the liquor license has been approved until the end of May with Zantes as co-licensee.  Zantes will lease the club house for $1000.00 per month.

Bruce Helbig reported that there are still a number of issues to be resolved from the Fire Marshal’s report.  It was felt that some time could be bought by moving the gas tanks away from any wood structures, installing 2 40-lb fire extinguishers and instituting a spill procedure  outside.  The inside work required a building permit which could not be obtained until the building inspector came.  There are some indications that at least some of the work could be done in exchange for memberships.    The Fire Marshall would be here on June 9 and needed to see a significant commitment to upgrading.


d)      Finances:             Ross reported that in April we are in a positive position.  However, cash will get tight.  Somehow we need to generate more cash flow.  Bruce added that members should be encouraged to buy from the Pro Shop as any profits go to the Club.  Bruce will price match Golf Town on most items.


e)      Tournaments:   Bruce reported that there are 50+ teams already signed up for the Kal Tire tournament.  The Civic tournament is still lacking a corporate sponsor.  Pat Elliott is working on Eastlink.  The tournament committee is thinking of hiring a local band to play the Saturday night of the Civic to encourage participants and spectators to stay around. 

Diane Aquino reported that she has received an email in regards to the Ladies 3-person scramble in September.  Michelle and Christie Terris are willing to organize the tournament and Active 1 Source for Sport is willing to be a corporate sponsor.  Diane will forward the information to Daryl Christo.


f)       Advertising:        Ivan Dewar reported that he has sold 18 of 19 signs for on the course.   However, there has been some confusion among some of the purchasers.  Diane will draft a letter as to the policy regarding these signs.

Mike Bonnah suggested that we make more use of the Chamber of Commerce as an advertising outlet.  Ivan will deliver posters to tourists camps in the area which will give any guest a rate of $35.00.  Ross will see that last year’s poster is changed at A&B Printing.

The sign on the highway by Hornet Lake needs to be revamped

Ivan proposed that in addition to “The Ball Draw” at Men’s Night we might institute a “Chase the Ace” draw as a way of raising money.  This has been very successful in North Bay.  Bruce pointed out that we need someone to run it.  He has already purchased the balls for the draws.  After much discussion, it was agreed to table this might be a proposal for next year and should be talked about later.


g)      Planning:             Mike Bonnah reported that Al Willard has agreed to stay on the Planning Committee as a representative of the golf course.  The Sports Superplex has been approved in principal.  The NLGC would possibly  have to make some changes to #1 and #3 fairways. 


h)      Membership:    Memberships are continuing to come in.  Joe and Carol Loranger will have a look at them around the middle of May.


Motion to accept Committee Reports as presented.

Moved by Daryl Christo, seconded by Mike Bonnah                                                                                                                   CARRIED


9)      NEW BUSINESS:        Mike Bonnah reported that the calendars have been printed and are now in the Pro Shop.

The Web Site is up-to-date on most of the upcoming events.  Bruce would like people to pre-register for the clinic days as these are not free lessons but more a demo.  It is hoped the Al Jamieson will be available to help out. 

Ross has been approached about handi-capped parking.  It was agreed that one spot should be made available at the top by the caterer’s and pro’s parking spots.

A bag drop could also be put in by the club house.

Diane proposed that we should have more pot lucks.  It was felt that we would have to consult with Zantes.  We also have to be careful about Public Health regulations.  No decision was made.


Motion to adjourn

Moved by Brian Flaxey that this meeting by adjourned at 9:00pm

The next meeting is scheduled for 6:30pm on June 13th in the NLGC Clubhouse.