Monday, June 13, 2011

 NLGC Clubhouse 6:30 pm


1)     DIRECTORS PRESENT:  Chuck Needham, Joe Marsh, Brian Flaxey, Mike Bonnah, Ivan Dewar, Pat Elliott, Ross Latter, Darrell Christo, Diane Aquino

2)     DIRECTORS ABSENT:  Jeff Stanley

3)     NON-DIRECTORS PRESENT:   Bruce Helbig, Corey Philips

4)     CALL TO ORDER:    The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by President Chuck Needham.


Report by Corey Philips:

The greens are in need of additional help. He will need to spend an additional $3,000 to $4,000 on chemicals due to the slowness of growing and high sodium content.  Ivan has been dethatching in both directions which appears to have eliminated any thatch problem.  He will be dethatching and aerating every 6 weeks. 

Ivan will be leveling out tee decks as time is available.

The “mountain” by #13 green is coming along better than expected.

Phil has to rewrite pesticide exam.  Corey will have to take out tech license at a cost of $75. 


Motion to accept the Minutes as presented:

Moved by Joe Marsh, seconded by Mike Bonnah     CARRIED


7)     BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES:   Fire Inspector visited on June 9th.  Bruce will report the results later.


a)     Greens:

Brian reported that they have taken the ropes off on #11 and #12 holes.  They are asking golfer’s to use the 90º rule on these holes. 

Bruce reported that Ivan has found a trencher reduced from $4000 to $1500 for sale.  This would reduce labor needed to provide better drainage in small areas.  There is also the possibility of renting it out.  Ivan will investigate further.

Ross reported that we are not going to buy out the leases due shortly on some of the equipment.  It will cost $200 to defer until next May which is more advantageous financially.

Many of the senior men have expressed approval at the new forward tees but a few women are opposed to them.  It was decided that they would remain.

b)     Pro Shop:

Bruce reported that sales in the pro shop have been good.  There is a problem with prizes for tournaments.  Should they be reported at the retail or the wholesale cost?  It was decided that they should be reported at the retail cost. 

Bruce has had some inquiries about purchasing windshields for carts.  This would cost $103.99 per cart.  It was decided that this is matter would be tabled until a later date.

A problem has arisen with 2 of the older members who no longer have carts.  They are currently using there cart storage space to store their clubs.  They feel they are entitled to the use of this space as they had put some of their own money into it.  However, other members would like to move into this space.  It was decided that they would be informed that they could continue this practice this year but that the space would no longer be available next year.

c)      Club House:

Bruce reported that he and Chuck had met with John Doucet regarding the fire inspection report from last October.  A number of deficiencies have been corrected but the repairs to the clubhouse are paramount and are expected to begin now.  Rivard Brothers have provided the inspector with a drawing of proposed repairs and the drawing must be approved by an engineer which was received today.  The town’s building inspector has seen the plans and once approved by the engineer, he, in turn, will approve them.  Once we get the building permit, the building inspector’s office will be in charge of repairs.  We then need a timeline for completion of the work that is acceptable to the fire inspector.  We also need to have the permanent wiring for the fuel pumps completed and some form of “spill containment” program in place.  Ross will discuss with Rivard Brothers to show we are starting project.

It has been reported that Zantes have been using a part of the ladies locker room for bottle storage.  Ross will discuss this with Zantes.

There was a problem with double booking the club house.  It has been solved to the satisfaction of all parties.

Ross reported that there continues to be problems with the liquor license.  It has not been renewed although he has filed all the necessary paper work and tried to contact the LCBO several times.  We have a temporary permit for now.

d)     Finances:

Ross reported that we have done very well on memberships this year.  As of the end of May we have $75,000 in the bank.  The insurance is up-to-date and we have repaid the demand loan.  At this time, we are in much better financial shape than last year. 

e)     Tournaments:

      Pat reported that to date he has been unable to secure a sponsor for the Civic tournament but is continuing his efforts.  The committee feels that maybe some changes need to be made to the format in order to increase participation.  It was suggested that more would come if there were a scramble format in the morning as well as the current format which would go in the afternoon.  The Board felt that this could work.

      The committee has done nothing about the Divorce Open.  Mike will look into it as well as the junior’s tournament. 

f)        Advertising:

With Father’s Day coming up, it is suggested that we have offer a gift certificate of 3-18 holes for $99 with a limit of 1 per person.  It will be advertised on the radio and on the Chamber of Commerce website. 

It was also noted that we have 4 very good people available for providing golf lessons and we should make more use of this asset.

g)     Planning:

No report

h)      Membership:

Joe reported that there are now reciprocal agreements in place with Haileybury, Kirkland Lake, and Ville Marie.  The membership numbers seem to have stabilized.  As of the end of May, we are down about 16 members.  The biggest drop seems to be in the juniors which are down by 15 from last year.  Total membership is currently at 212 which is down by 16 over the previous year.  Retired persons make up 30 % of our members.

Motion to accept Committee Reports as accepted:

Moved by Brian Flaxey, seconded by Darrell Christo                CARRIED


Joe has been reading an article in Golf Digest that suggests that most courses are too long for the majority of golfers.  After discussion it was decided that we would try these new tee blocks for a period of time. 

Darrell had a letter of request from the ladies organizing the Three Person Ladies Scramble in September.  The sponsor is Active One Source for Sports.  They would be providing most of the prizes; however, some would come from the Pro Shop.  This was agreeable. 

Diane reported that the Ladies Morning has been going well.  It is being held every Thursday instead of only every second Thursday.  Joanne Belanger Moar has been doing most of the work. 


Moved by Brian Flaxey that this meeting be adjourned at 9:00 pm. 

The next meeting is scheduled for 6:30 pm on July 11, 2011 in the NLGC Clubhouse.