Monday, July 11, 2011

NLGC Clubhouse 6:30 pm


Chuck Needham, Joe Marsh, Brian Flaxey, Mike Bonnah, Ross Latter, Diane Aquino, Jeff Stanley


Ivan Dewar, Pat Elliott, Darrell Christo


Corey Philips


The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm by President Chuck Needham.


Report by Corey Philips:  Additional fertilizers was purchased at a cost of $4000.  There are 3 Exmo treatments left.  Soil and tissue testing show some nutrients on the high side but nothing out of the ordinary.  With the additional treatments the greens have made significantly headway.  The grass on the greens is in good shape.  They will not need to be dethatched.  The cheaper sand is very compatible.  The greens crew will continue the new fertilization program for the remainder of the season.  The dollars will be spent more specifically. 

Ivan has found the old slicer and is starting to use it on the fairways. 

Dye will be added to the ditch on #2 to attempt to reduce the scum.

The long grass on #5 will be cut back.

6)     ADOPTION OF THE June 13, 2011 MINUTES:

Motion to accept the Minutes as presented:

Moved by Joe Marsh, seconded by Mike Bonnah                                                                                       CARRIED  


Ivan is still looking into the trencher. 

The new tees (most forward tees) are in place.  Some of the women are using them.  There are cards available in the clubhouse. 

To date Ross has been unable to get any answer from the Liquor Control Board.

The Fatherís Day sale was poorly advertised and so did not bring in much money.

As Bruce was not in attendance, there was no answer as to the older gentlemen not using their cart storage space for a motorized card.


a)     Greens:

No report

 b)     Pro Shop:

Chuck has received a complaint from one of the members regarding his club storage.  He plays a couple of nights starting a 7:00 pm and when he finishes the pro shop is closed so he has to take his clubs home instead of leaving them.  After some discussion, it was decided that the pro shop would continue to close at 8:00 pm.  This has been the policy for about 1Ĺ years.  It is well posted.  To add staff to keep it open longer is just not practical.   

c)      Club House:

No report.

Diane brought up the issue of the bag drop and the handicapped parking spot which have not materialized.  She also asked why the staff is parking in the lot instead of behind the gated fence.  Joe will discuss these issues with Bruce. 

Ruth Sheperdson has pointed out the Ladies Locker room is still being used for storage by Zantes and the room is in dire need of cleaning.  Ross will discuss this problem with Kyle.

d)     Finances:

Ross reported as of now our financial position is fair.

Ross pointed out that there has been a problem with a couple of Menís Nights with no sponsors.  Prizes have been coming out of the clubs revenues.  This is not a practice that the Club wants to continue.

 e)     Tournaments:

The Divorce Open was held in July 9th.  There were 16 teams who played and everyone seemed to have a good time.  Thanks to Bruce for all his work.

The Al Jamieson Junior Tournament will be held on July 14th.  Mike is overseeing this event.

Mike has also purposed that we need to make the Club Championship an event.  He is purposed that we have something tangible as prizes such as a range membership or a cart rental for 1st prize and two 9-hole cart rentals for 2nd prize.  He has also purposed that we hold a Golf Carnival on the Sunday and offer a light lunch free of charge to members.  This was discussed and most felt it was worthwhile. 

f)        Advertising:

No report.

Ross stated that all but two of the advertising on the holes are paid.

g)     Planning:

No report

h)      Membership:

Joe reported that we have added a couple of new members.   Two members will be granted a partial return of fees.

Motion to accept Committee Reports as accepted:

Moved by  Jeff Stanley, seconded by  Brian Flaxey                                                                                    CARRIED                


Mike reported that Haileybury Golf Club now has on-line tee times.  He feels that for us there is no benefit and it would just add another cost.

Diane reported that Ladies Morning on Thursday is going well.  We are up to three tee times. 

A letter of resignation was tendered by President Chuck Needham due to personal reasons.  His resignation will be effective immediately.  Vice President Ivan Dewar will be asked to fill in. 


Moved by Brian Flaxey that this meeting be adjourned at 9:00 pm. 

The next meeting is scheduled for 6:30 pm on August 8, 2011 in the NLGC Clubhouse.