MONDAY MAY 03, 2010


                                               CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 6:30 PM





Chuck Needham, Alvin Willard, Darrell Christo, Joe Marsh, Ross Latter, Penny Graydon, Brian Flaxey, Mike Bonnah, Ivan Dewar, Pat Elliot.


DIRECTORS ABSENT                                                          


Marc Teskey




Corey Phillips, Bruce Helbig, Barb Sommerville




The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by the president Chuck Needham.




- Nil




Motion to accept the April 05, 2010 minutes as presented


Moved by Alvin Willard, seconded by Joe Marsh.






- Discounted policies to be brought up later in the meeting.






- Corey Philips presented a quote, (including parts and labour)  to fix the pump station (install rubber couplers, mount the pumps to the floor and correct some wiring defects) and provide some automated protection (temp sensors) of the system. Do it.

- He also explained a proposal from Pump Tronics who for approximately $2,000.00 per year will start up and shut down the system each year and provide replacement parts as required. Brian Flaxey to investigate this issue further.

- Fertilizer for the season should arrive in the next 10 days.

- De-thatcher to used on the greens, walk behind the greens mower.

- Water permit needs to be followed up on, where is it in the process?

- We have purchased new reels for the greens.

- We are sharpening reels for Ville de Marie and Timmins is also interested in using our services.

- A control board was replaced in the greens mower.

- We acquired the use of a stump grinder for free so stump grinding will begin next week.

- Fescue will be planted on # 7 to discourage those big hitters from trying to drive the green.

- Fescue on # 12 will be expanded.




- Staff is in place.

- All things up and running.

- Smitty=s tournament for this year, we will get $25.00 per player and the proceeds from the Bar Revenues and cart rental, Smitty=s will run the BBQ.


Motion for Charity tournaments states that we must receive $25.00 per person per day regardless of membership status


Moved by Alvin Willard, seconded by Joe Marsh




- The discussion then moved on to what any other groups could qualify for a discounted green fee. It was decided to give the General Manager some discretion in this matter.


Motion to allow the General Manager the discretion to grant special group rates for groups of 24 or greater.


Moved by Ross Latter, seconded by Pat Elliot.




- The club manager then brought up the cart rental issue for discussion and clarification. It seems that at the present time members are applying a loose definition of significant other to include their golfing partner. The term significant other was intended to include your spouse or common law spouse to reduce the costs to a single household. It was felt that it was too late to fix this problem this year but we will fix it prior to next year.






- Opened this past weekend.

- Upstairs cleaned and up and running.

- Hiring not quite complete.

- Couple of safety issues still need to be addressed.

- Kitchen floor cleaned and waxed.

- Health Inspector annotated his report with AKeep up the awesome cleanliness standard@.

- Open 11 to 7 ever day.

- The discussion around the table continued to investigate other options of providing the service but minimizing the risk to the club. It was felt that we should explore option of leasing the Kitchen entirely to a restauranteur for a fee and negotiate a commission on liquor sales. Ross Latter agreed to explore this option further with Zante=s. 




- Seven 5 year memberships have been sold.

- We have paid back the loans from our members.




- Haileybury is taking over the Audrey Nightingale tournament.

- Grant Forest Products tournament has been terminated.

- Kal Tire is the sponsor for the 2 man tournament and will supply all the prizes.

- Cost of the 2 man is $200.00 per team.

- For tournament planning we need to make $25.00 per person per day plus hard and fast expenses to make the tournaments viable.




- Radio ads to start next week.

- Play and stay posters going into all the motels next week.

- Men=s night sponsors to go on the web site.

- Men=s night format, 4 man scramble till the end of May.




- Tournament page on the web site is sparsely populated. We need the info as soon as the tournament committee can provide it to fill in the blanks.

- We are getting 18 - 20 hits per day on the web site.

- Calendar is being updated as we get the info but the paper copy is still at the printers.

- Bulletin board has been added to the home page. 




- Ville de Marie has also accepted the discounted rates agreement.

- Membership list is being compiled.

- Bob McDougal has moved to Thunder Bay, dues returned.

- Bob Young paid last year but was unable to play due to health reasons, paid the difference.


Motion to accept the committee reports as presented.


Moved by Alvin Willard, seconded by Pat Elliot






- Barb Sommerville asked the board to consider bringing back green fee packages, make all adults equal and paying the same rate and to provide more golfing opportunities for the ladies.

- The board agreed that green fee packages are popular but if they are too good a deal they subtract from the membership, so a balance has to be found.


Motion to sell of book of ten nine hole green fees for $180.00.


Moved by Alvin Willard, seconded Brian Flaxey




- As for the single price for all, it is an attractive prospect and we may get there one day but at the same time we are trying hard to keep costs down to encourage more participation from the community. One suggestion was to have a gold and silver membership. A gold membership would include cart rental, club storage and a range membership where as a silver membership would not.

- We are all in favour of more ladies events but we need the ladies to run them.

- Everyone=s favourite subject, the old nine will become the front nine again and the new nine will become the back nine as soon as the signs can be changed.

- The International Plowing Match is presenting us with a cheque Monday May 17 to thank us for supporting them. Chuck Needham to attend.

- The board wants to be represented as well when Don and Ruth Shepherdson receive their lifetime achievement awards.

- Bruce Helbig to get thank you cards and distribute them to the many volunteers who helped us get up and running this season. President to sign them.


Motion to adjourn.


Moved by Brian Flaxey that this meeting be adjourned at 9:36 PM.


The next meeting is scheduled for 07 June, 2010 at 6:30 PM at the Cow.