MONDAY JUNE 14, 2010


                                                     NLGC CLUBHOUSE 6:30 PM





Chuck Needham, Alvin Willard, Darrell Christo, Joe Marsh, Ross Latter, Penny Graydon, Brian Flaxey, Mike Bonnah,

Ivan Dewar, Mark Teskey, Pat Elliot.


DIRECTORS ABSENT                                                          






Corey Phillips, Bruce Helbig.




The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by the president Chuck Needham.




- Nil




Motion to accept the May 03, 2010 minutes as presented


Moved by Darrel Christo, seconded by Joe Marsh.






- Nil






- De-thatching, aerating and top dressing continuing as per the get well program.

- Insecticide applied to the greens.

- Weed spraying going well.

- Fairways and rough fertilized (16 weeks slow release fertilizer).

- Going to lower the height of the grass on the greens.

- Course is in good shape.

- There was a discussion on the viability of the three courses hiring a full time mechanic.

Frog=s Breath would employ the mechanic for three days a week and New Liskeard and Haileybury would employ him for one day a week each.

Further discussion revealed that we were not in need of a mechanic at this time.

- More investigation into the Pump-Tronics offer for start up and shut down of the irrigation system is required. 




- Going fine.

- All staff is in place and focusing on service.

- All last season stock is on sale and being promoted.

- The Pro Shop committee will meet later this month with the Bruce Helbig and review the club manager=s Job Description and modify as required.

- Bruce Helbig=s coach, Doug Hall is here and is offering his services to the club at no cost.

He will also be offering private lessons at a rate of $50.00 per hour.




- Gross sales for May were $15,203.00

- Zante=s has taken over running the clubhouse full time.

- Renting out the clubhouse to a caterer will be re-examined in the fall.

- Good turn out at Ladies night, 50 participants.

- Men=s night averaging 60 participants per week. 




- Good numbers from membership

- Five year membership accounting $800.00 for this year.

- Right now we have money in the bank but expenses will catch up.

- Two man tournament was great, need more events like that.

- Have paid $20,000.00 to the bank on our loan.

- We owe $38,318.05 to the city for back taxes, (interest is 15%).

- Would like to borrow some funds from the membership at 6% to pay off the back taxes.


Motion to allow the treasurer to borrow from the membership, for the purpose of paying the back taxes,

at 6% per year with the option to repay at the discretion of the treasurer and one board member


Moved by Ross Latter, seconded by Joe Marsh





- Two man tournament was a huge success making $14,451.44 from entrance fees only,

bar and cart revenues extra.

- Kal Tire interested in sponsoring the event again next year.

- Meeting coming up for the Civic shortly.

- Senior tournament had a good turnout, 111 participants.

- Bruce Helbig organizing the Free Clinic for the Junior Tournament.




- We like to thank Bruce, Penny and Pat for providing the info for the events.

- Conducting an advertising audit on benches and signs.

- Will call advertisers once identified.

- Cost is not yet determined but believe that in the past cost was $150.00.00.

- Going out to sell advertising.

- Ivan Dewar suggested that we sell each hole for $1,000.00 to an advertiser,

they would receive the advertising space for that hole and some green fee passes.




- The free clinic took place Friday 11 June from 6 pm to 7:30 pm.

We had 10 young ladies and 2 gentlemen take part.

- A big thank you to Al Jamieson for conducting the clinic.

- Will look for other opportunities to conduct more clinics




- Joe Marsh suggested that we think about phasing in all discounted memberships for next year.

- He also wondered if we should narrow the gap between the 9 and 18 hole green fees.

- Bruce Helbig stated that the majority of the green fees sold were for 18 holes.

- Six green fee booklets have been sold to date.

- Pat Elliot reported that the experience in other clubs with discounted rates was similar.

They don=t catch on immediately but do build over time.

- How do we deal with the HST introduction and how will it effect our green fees,

we can=t afford to take the hit alone.


Motion to set the 18 hole green fee at $38.05 plus $4.95 HST for a total of $43.00

and to set the 9 hole green fee to $20.00 plus $1.60 HST for a total of $22.00


Moved by Alvin Willard, seconded by Brian Flaxey



- Now to the numbers;


2010                            2009                            Diff


Adults                          93                                110                              (17)

Under 29                      4                                     1                                  3

1st timer                        24                                  19                                  5

Returning                      24                                    0                                 24


Adult totals                   145                              130                                 15



Couples                        44                                54                               (10)

Corporate                    8                                 18                               (10)

Associate                     0                                 10                               (10)

Student                          8                                   2                                   6

Junior                           25                                43                               (18)


Overall totals                239                              257                              (27)


- In 09 we had 25 out of town members, this year we have 21.

- Of the 19 first time members in 2009 12 didn=t return.


Motion to accept the committee reports as presented.


Moved by Penny Graydon, seconded by Darrell Christo






-         Loach Asphalt have offered to pave the driveway neck that continually washes away

due to run off in exchange for a corporate membership and 80 Green fee passes.


Motion to accept the Loach Asphalt offer to pave the neck in exchange for one corporate membership and

80 green fee passes good only for 2010


Moved by Darrell Christo, seconded Ross Latter.




- IPM gave us $5,000.00, $1,000.00 to be used for the Junior program and $4,000.00 for the club, thank you IPM.

- Discounts came up again as Pat suggested we offer two green fees including cart rental for $79.95 plus tax.

Bruce Helbig, Joe Marsh and Alvin Willard to examine discounts.

- The web site has a new guest book where anyone can comment on the site.


Motion to adjourn.


Moved by Brian Flaxey that this meeting be adjourned at 8:50 PM.


The next meeting is scheduled for 05 July, 2010 at 6:30 PM at the Cow.